Best Screen Size for Android Phones

With the dawn of modern technology, cell phones have been brought to life bringing convenience and bridging the gap of communication between individuals. No wonder there is a handful of companies who are into the business of developing phones that will cater to the needs of the public. If there is one phone that captures the hearts of both teenagers and businessmen, it would be the Android phone. Can you imagine how this phone has changed the views of cell phone users nowadays? It is truly remarkable.

But let’s face it every Android phone comes in different brands, colors, designs, features, among others. It would be totally difficult to shop for one. Have you ever considered how the screen size affects a user’s view and way of navigating the phone? Yes, this might be one element that left unnoticed by most buyers but should not be the case.

There is one question that a buyer of an Android phone should ask, what should be the measurement of the screen size? Do you want to have a 4+ inch screen or a 3+ inch screen? The answer would solely depend on the preference of the buyer. The difference between the sizes of the screen of one phone to another is minimal but this can create a huge difference on the usage and navigation.

To give you an overview as to whether or not screen size does matter when it comes to shopping for an Android phone, read on:

1. Android Phone Viewing Screen Size.

For those who do have problems with their eyesight, having a huge screen is highly advisable. This will enable the user to fully see everything and do whatever he wants to do on the phone without any hindrance on the viewing aspect.

2. Phone Navigation Options.

Navigating the phone can be bit difficult especially when the phone is a bit small. Although, a small screen can be beneficial to those who want to have a sense of privacy without people being nosy about what a person is doing on his phone. Bottom line, the screen must be enough for you to navigate the phone freely without any issues at all.

3. Menu Setup.

Last but not the least is the menu setup. If you are the type of person who does not wish to waste a second on browsing through the menu, then it would be much advisable to go for a much wider and bigger screen. This will help you see the entire menu at one glance.

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