What Is Needed to Educate Future Digital Librarians: A Study of Current Practice and Staffing Patterns in Academic and Research Libraries


Due to the changing nature of librarianship resulting from the increasing amount of information available in digital format, educating digital librarians has become an important agenda within library and information science schools. To design and offer appropriate courses and teaching approaches for training competent digital librarians, educators can benefit from feedback provided by current practitioners in order to accurately determine what skills and knowledge are really required for digital librarians to be effective in the digital work place. To that ...

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A new partnership promotes Sony Reader for borrowing eBooks in public libraries

sony-reader-prs-5002The eBook format is is moving forward quickly – more online stores, more devices, more readers. And now it’s penetrating a place that until lately was almost exclusively associated only with physical books – the library.

Sony, developer of the Sony Reader Digital Book, has partnered up with OverDrive, the leading global digital distributor of eBooks and audiobooks to libraries, to offer readers an easier way to borrow e-books from the library. ...

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Electronic Information Resources: Access and Use

M. Shamsul Islam Khan
Head, Dissemination and Information Services Centre
ICDDR.B: Centre for Health and Population Research
Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212


The library is obviously the source of power of knowledge. In higher education and research, the use of library is a matter of concerns to students, teachers, and researchers. The exponential growth of ...

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