A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Why? Because the problem is that our brain takes information and analyses it too quickly jumping to conclusions before we know the whole thing. So drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring, because if you have chosen to acquire information then know it completely or else you may be misled with bits and pieces of information. We believe that good info can change your life. So take off the shroud of “Ignorance is bliss” and acquaint yourself with the mighty world of information.

Technology has revolutionized the world today and we do not have the option to deny these innovations any longer. It has made our lives comfortable and in one way or another we all rely on technology to lead our lives. Starting from cell phones that have epitomized the communication industry to the coffee maker that gives us our daily caffeine boost; technology surrounds us in the big and small things we use. Info Science Today aims at providing information to help you understand and embrace the progressive world of technology.

We envision a world of people who are empowered with information. We collect info about the latest happenings around the world to keep you updated. Very often we feel left out of intense conversations because we are not aware of the subject being discussed. A situation like this can get quite humiliating and you may not want to face it again. Info Science Today provides information that can help you understand the dynamically changing aspects of technology. It can be information on health, technology, behavior or society; our compilation of resources deals with all of it.

We aim to provide accurate information because good info can change your life in a positive way augmenting your knowledge base and amplifying your store of information.