Virtual Reality Made Possible with the Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus had been launched just a year ago when the technology it demonstrated, put the device to the top of the list of hi-tech gadgets. The latest iteration of the Samsung Gear VR which is available for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users has been launched today. Just in time for Black Friday, the Oculus powered virtual reality headset has been garnering a lot of attention.

It is the only device of its kind available in the markets. So if you are looking for unique gifting ideas this holiday season, the Samsung Gear VR may make it to the top of the list. While very few own VR, the concept was introduced just three years ago with the Oculus Rift in 2012. As it is gradually gaining popularity, we may find more and more users donning the futuristic looking gear.

The device will not be available at all retail stores. Oculus and Samsung are vouching on a steady growth of VR technology rather than unprecedented sales in a few weeks. Keeping in mind that it is still early days for this technology, the companies understand that sales will grow gradually.

The latest Samsung Gear VR is priced at approximately $99 and the design is similar to its predecessor albeit a little smaller and lighter. The device also sees improvements in the straps to make it more comfortable for the users. It is excellent for watching videos and the spectacular screen of the S6 and S6 Edge makes the visual experience delightful. Games and applications are available from the Oculus VR store, but it is very minimal at this time.

Finally, the number of users who can potentially use this device is limited to those who have an S6 or S6 Edge. So you are looking at spending a noticeable amount if you would like to own and use the latest Samsung Gear VR.



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