Signal – Amplified Privacy for Android and iOS Users

I am not sure when did privacy leave the bedroom and reach the phones, but somewhere during this transition, developers have ceaselessly worked to create security apps that have fortified communication on our Android and iOS devices. Signal, developed by Open Whisper Systems, for Android and iOS is one such app that provides secure messaging and calling to its users.

Open Whisper Systems is a group of developers who endeavor to make private communication simple. The group is funded by community donations and grants and believes in keeping the applications free of any advertisements. Signal is a free app and has been available to iOS users for a number of months now.

Android users had access to two different Open Whisper System apps. TextSecure was an app that encrypted the messages sent through Android phones and Redphone was available for Android users who wanted to encrypt their calls. With the introduction of Signal to the Android platform, the two features are combined in one single app. TextSecure users will automatically be updated to Signal and Redphone can now be uninstalled.

Signal 2.0: Private messaging comes to the iPhone

Edward Snowden endorses the applications developed by Open Whisper Systems. This shows the amount of security that is provided by Signal. End-to-end encryption of calls and messages are becoming important for many users who may want to use the app because of their work profiles or simply because they do not like to be eavesdropped.

Open Whisper Systems explains the height of privacy provided by the app saying that even they cannot read the messages or intercept the calls so there is no possibility of others doing so. This highly confident claim provides assurance to many users. The app is simple to use and the best part is that you do not need a separate login or PIN to manage the app.

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