Serials Solutions 360 E-Resource Access & Management Services Offer New Japanese-Language Enhancements

Serials Solutions is pleased to announce new Japanese-language enhancements for the Serials Solutions 360 services. These developments feature improve search results through enabling alternate kanji character matching in Japanese-language title searches, added support for many new databases unique to the Asia-Pacific region, and Japanese-language localization for the New Serials Solutions 360 Search federated search service.

“Now, libraries will be able to greatly enhance the discovery experience of their Japanese speaking patrons,” says Serials Solutions Senior Product Manager, Tim Fujita-Yuhas. “With improvements to language localization and recognition in the search interface, users now can access a tremendous amount of content.” For example, when a patron uses the E-Journal Portal to search for a title with kanji characters, and the patron uses one or more kanji characters that has “alternate” characters, the E-Journal Portal will return the desired results. For example, searching ?? will return both ???????? and ????????????.

These enhancements add to a series of 2009 developments within the 360 e-resource access and management services that provide greater support for Japanese libraries. Previous enhancements include language localization in the 360 Link OpenURL link resolver service and enhanced Japanese language title sorting in 360 Core and the Library Managed Holdings interface.

“Serials Solutions has committed to meeting the needs for our international clients,” says Rob Mercer, General Manager of Serials Solutions. “We

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