GE and Wattpad Create New Adventures in Science

Innovation at General Electric takes a new turn as the 125 year old company decides to resurface ‘Adventures in Science’ along with Wattpad. GE hardly needs an introduction, with the company influencing our everyday lives through its many products. Wattpad has a social network of readers and writers who have brought life into many stories. GE has selected six of their most eminent writers to create science-fiction stories that are based on the real work of GE scientists who have worked to provide solutions to the company in various fields.

Wattpad released the first chapters of the first three stories on November 17th. The stories will be available exclusively at Wattpad and will be published in the form of a series which is called ‘GE Adventures in Science’. The comic covers will bear resemblance to their predecessors as GE tries to ignite the same spark as it had achieved over half a century ago.

When the company had launched the comics in 1950s it envisioned spreading awareness of science and technology through the stories. In an era where comics were found to be decadent by most of the parents, ‘Adventures in Science’ emerged as an inspiration for many readers who dreamed of becoming engineers. The comics had become history after a period of time.

Adventures in Science GE
GE and Wattpad’s attempt to rematerialize the impact of the comics could turn into a successful advent of the old school GE comics. GE and Wattpad look forward to positive reviews and are hopeful of achieving success with these comics.

Wattpad has over 40 million users and provides a great platform to readers and writer. Launching the comics through Wattpad helps GE reach a huge community of readers. Using the six most talented sci-fi writers of Wattpad, technology and entertainment will reach a perfect blend with this comic series.

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