Flyboard Air Gives Sport Enthusiasts a New Ride to Look Forward To in 2017

When Frank Zapata introduced flyboarding in 2012, he made an awe-inspiring breakthrough which made the world watch open-mouthed as people used those water jet hover boards as an extreme sport and for some thrilling adventure. Knowing the thirst of Zapata Racing to continuously innovate and bring stuff for us that augments our adventure-spirits to a whole new level, I am not sure if we are surprised to see a video floating on the internet where a Flyboard Air is being used to move in the air just like Green Goblin.

While the original Flyboard required additions like a hose that connected the flyer with a watercraft, the latest Flyboard Air has a water propulsion system that uses air and does not require the flyer to depend on a secondary watercraft for movement. An integrated turbine engine allows the rider to fly as high as 10,000 feet and Zapata Racing claims that the Flyboard Air can fly at a speed of 90 miles per hour and can power a 10 minute flight.

It is a prototype for now which is being tested and refined before it goes mainstream. Zapata Racing intends to take time in developing this awesome Flyboard and has explained that the rest of 2016 will be spent in refining the product that has already started garnering attention from tech enthusiasts and sport adventurists.

Word was around that the video was some form of hoax and many Facebook and YouTube users sought to comment on the video about the legitimacy of the Flyboard Air. Zapata Racing has made it clear that these videos are no hoax and that the team of people behind the Flyboard Air have spent more than four years working on the ride. Hoax or no hoax, people seem to surely enjoy the video and are looking forward for a consumer version of the Flyboard Air.

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