Dietsensor – The Future of Nutrition Looks Brighter with This Tool

Want to know how many calories that delightful meal of yours contains? A handheld scanner can make your job super easy. CES award winner, DietSensor can help you keep a tab on the carbs and calories you consume. It can display the nutritional content of a food when you hold the scanner to the food you want to be examined. Remy Bonnasse, co-founder and CEO of the company called DietSensor, “The next generation of diet and nutrition apps.”

DietSensor uses Bluetooth technology and it has a molecular sensor in it which has been developed by SCiO. To make it work, the molecules vibrate and the interaction of these molecules with light helps the sensor identify the nutrients in the food by transmitting the information to the app which interprets the data. The device is non-intrusive so it works without touching your food – which is extremely important because of concerns regarding the hygiene of the food.

While the concept is very interesting, there are certain limitations to the device. It can read homogeneous foods only. However, if the DietSensor is unable to collect information from your meal then it allows you to input data regarding your meal manually to the app.

Health has reached a new high as fitness enthusiasts try to innovate and design things that can make it easy for us to stay fit. However, it looks like the more we adapt to these new gadgets to keep ourselves fit, the less work we have to do. DietSensor is yet another creation that makes us depend more on gadgets and less on ourselves. Not that I do not like the fact that I can now check the calories I am about to consume with the help of the handy DietSensor, just that I am not sure if I want this on my pocket when I step out to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

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