Can Robots be the Future of Disney Theme Parks?

Disney World does not plan to stay ‘as is’ when it comes to technology and progress. A robot is in making which can be the possible introduction of robots to Disney World. Disney’s Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot which wears the name tag “Jimmy” may soon replace cuddly costumes with state-of-the-art robots.

The robot can mimic the motions of a human by paying close attention to detail. In a recent video released by Disney, you will be able to see the robot successfully threading a needle. If precision of that level can be achieved, then these robots can be very interesting for children especially the ones who love interactive things.

It is a telepresence robot which is controlled by a human nearby the robot. The robotics universe has known this kind of technology for a substantial period of time, but the robot created by Disney Research uses a hybrid air and hydraulics system which makes it mirror the movements with more precision. It is created in a way so that it can handle delicate things properly and it can be safe to use among people.

Researchers have also worked hard to ensure that the robot has as few cables as possible throughout its body so that it can be lighter and its overall size can be reduced. The robot has stereo cameras placed on its head which allows the robot to share what it sees with the human who is operating it. This helps the operator manipulate the arms even without seeing the robot.

There are still a few things that Disney may have to consider before sacking the fluffy characters that roam around Disney World cheering children up. Technology may be one thing, and being progressive may be the need of the hour, but children may not be ready to say their goodbyes to fluffy characters and welcome interactive yet intimidating robots yet.

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