Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office was released in the late 90’s and since then it has been ruling the market for years. However, there are many different alternatives to Microsoft Office which are free of cost as compared to the costly Microsoft Office. You can see some of those options here.


Open Office

It is created by Apache and is completely free to use. All Open Office applications are provided as an open source, so it is named as Open Office. It lets you create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents easily and efficiently. It includes 6 applications which are: Writer for word processing, Impress for preparing presentations, Calc for creating spreadsheets, Draw for making graphics, Math for mathematical equations and Base for manipulating database.

An important feature for importing and exporting the Microsoft Office docs is provided for the users who like to work along with others. PDF Files can be easily opened without needing any additional plug-in or add-on. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X. Since it is an open source application, so it is being maintained regularly to provide any bug fixes quickly and are freely available. Open Office is one of the leading alternatives to Microsoft Office today.

Google Docs

Google Docs is completely cloud based, which means that all the documents are being stored in cloud as well as the applications are entirely web based. Google docs, sheets and slides have recently become a top alternative to Microsoft Office due to various reasons.

Its collaboration tools are best to use. Users are allowed to share docs easily and quickly, so any number of people can simultaneously access as well as any document. It also provides a correction tool for those who like to work with proof-readers and editors. Microsoft Office docs are allowed to be imported and exported for Google Docs users. However, it has a limitation for those having a slow Internet connection.


It is identical to Open Office, as both were being launched from the similar initiative. But it parted its way with Apache in 2010, and allowed its users to create as well as edit documents, which have compatibility with Microsoft applications such as Publisher. It provides various advanced features different from OpenOffice, like in-built Wikipedia editor.

Recent developments have been made in LibreOffice, which includes a completely redesigned toolbar as well as providing an appealing bright visual for the software. It is less buggy after a lot of work being put into the Software over the years. If you are an advanced user, you should definitely choose LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice, but for the sake of simplicity OpenOffice will still be a very good option.


It is very identical when compared to Microsoft Office and is completely cross-platform application, so you can install it on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Palm OS, and

AbiWord provides advanced capabilities for document layout and can perform mail merge also, which lets you to auto-fill data in form fields with information being accessed from tabbed text files or comma separated files. It comes handy when you have to work with multiple forms. It can be easily expanded and enhanced with plug-ins which are freely available to provide more functions and features.


It is free to use and is based upon WordPad Engine. It also provides paid version which in turn adds extra functionality to the software, but free version has adequate functions and is completely compatible with WordPad and Word documents. It has got compatibility for Windows Vista as well. It provides a beautiful tabbed interface and loads very quickly.

Jarte has got its own in-built tool for spell check for correcting mistakes and proof-reading. Docs can be exported to PDF Files and HTML as well. It lets you insert tables, images, shapes, charts, hyperlinks, comments and more which can be expected from Microsoft Word. It doesn’t have any ads or trial periods and is completely free as it funded by the purchases made by the users of Jarte Plus.


Every program listed has great features, but which one will best suit you depends on your requirements. 

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