Samsung Galaxy S6 – Samsung’s Flagship Phone Is Bound to Be a Head Turner

Glass blowing and metal sculpting could hardly be imagined when you are thinking of a smartphone. Samsung changes it all with their 2015 flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 boasts of using the best glass molding and metal sculpturing techniques to achieve its spectacular aesthetics. While design has been the focus of Samsung, performance undergoes no compromises. The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with some great features and functionalities although users are supposedly missing the MicroSD slot which allowed them to expand the memory.


The fusion of glass and metal has completely revamped the look of the phone given the fact that previous phones of the Samsung ‘S’ series have had a plastic body. What is surprisingly new is Samsung’s brave step to remove the MicroSD slot and lock the battery. So you do not have a removable battery any longer. While the battery may not cause much of an uproar, many users are flinching about the expandable memory.

Samsung was preferred by users over other phones that did not provide the option to expand the phone memory. It appears that Samsung’s move to stay at par with the rest is slightly unwelcome by its fans.


The crisp display is one of the best in the market. The 5.1 inch screen has an AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Watching videos and playing games is a great experience on the brilliant screen. While the display is really great, there is a possibility that you may need more battery to fuel your Samsung Galaxy S6 screen.


A 64 bit octacore processor with 3GB RAM powers the Samsung Galaxy S6. It uses the Android 5.0 OS. The storage offerings are 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. Security gets a boost with the fingerprint sensor available on the phone. It also allows you to make mobile payments through a variety of payment apps. Touchwiz, Samsung’s Android overlay has improved and a lot of bloatware is gone as well. Samsung has also replaced the S-Voice with the camera when you double tap on the home button.


The 16 megapixels camera takes brilliant pictures. A new feature known as Auto HDR will allow you to take improved photos of landscapes and will automatically adjust the white balance. The 5 megapixels front camera allows users to take great selfies. The different modes available in the camera software result in some superb shots. Camera professionals may find a lot of ways to tweak the camera settings for some great pictures.

The image quality is remarkable especially the outdoor and day shots. Photos taken in low light are also good but you may not find them as sharp as those taken in the day. The videos shot by the camera are excellent.


The 2550mAh battery easily powers the phone for a day. Your usage of the phone will certainly be the deciding factor for the battery. Quick charging and wireless charging offer reprieve to those who find the battery life to be too short. The power-saving mode and the ultra power-saving mode are Samsung’s ways of helping customers with the battery life.


Pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 varies a lot depending on the service provider you choose. The full retail price is between $650 and $779 with higher storage increasing the price of the phone. The contractual phones also have varying rates with the different providers.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most competitive phones in the Android market. It has some great features that are complemented by its spectacular looks. The performance of the phone shows no compromises have been made by Samsung while developing their latest flagship phone. While the battery has reduced in size, you may not find the difference to affect your battery life substantially.

The camera quality has improved and selfies have become even better. While indoor shots can still be improved, outdoor shots are brilliant. The replacement of the plastic body with the new glass and metal look give the phone a more sophisticated look than its predecessors.

While the slim look of the phone is great, the non-removable battery may be frowned upon. Quick charging is helpful for users who use the phone a lot. The phone is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the market.

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