Heads up Environmentalists – The Bolt m1 Runs of Electricity and Uses the Bicycle Lane

San Francisco start up, Bolt is the maker of electric motorbikes which has created a buzz among bike lovers and environmentalists. The handmade bikes created by this start up are highly advanced and have some unbelievable features. The bikes are built in a small garage on the edge of the town and the batteries used by the bikes are the same kind used in Teslas.

The founders of Bolt, Zachary Levenberg and Nathan Jauvtis are engineers who have experience in the electric vehicle space. The co-founders are moped enthusiasts and Bolt took form because of Jauvtis’ dream to build a bike of his own. The company started out of his garage and not very long ago he has started taking orders for the motorbikes that have been priced $5,000.

The cost of the motorbike is not very affordable by any means, but then we are talking about features that are not available in any other bike so far. The Bolt – M1 is the first model of Bolt motorbikes and some of the features that sets the bike apart from the rest are:

  • You do not need a key to start this bike. It is keyless and uses a unique passcode or a smartphone to unlock it. Did safety seem to be a threat earlier? Not with the M1 having no option to unlock unless you are around.
  • The Bolt app can help you trace your vehicle if you lose it or if any kind of harm comes to it.
  • If you are a worried parent who has a child that loves to speed on his bike, the Bolt M1 can come to your rescue. You have the option to limit the top speed of the bike so that you can worry less about your teenager roaming around in the bike.
  • It also includes a USB port which helps you plug your phone to it while you are on the go.

When the bike starts, you can choose from economy mode or sport mode. While economy will allow you to reach a top speed of 20 mph and you can drive for 50 miles on a single charge, the sport mode can go up to 40mph and the battery will last for 35 miles.

Here is the fun fact of these motorbikes. They do not really classify as motor vehicles, the Bolt M1 is considered a bicycle. So you can ride it on the bicycle lane and you do not even need a license to drive it. No registrations either. And if you were worrying about parking, you can easily lock it up in the bike rack. This makes the Bolt M1 a great bike with added benefits to those who ride it. I can imagine all the other bicycle owners huffing about it when I zip past them in this super cool bike. So if you are an environmentalist, you will find this motorbike to be very intriguing, especially if you do not want to arrive at office in sweaty clothes.

There is good news for those who live in apartments too. While all this time were thinking that battery operated vehicles may not be suitable for charging in apartments, the Bolt M1 solves that problem easily for you. The bike battery can be split in two so that you can carry it inside your apartment to charge. You can plug it in and leave it to charge overnight to enjoy a good ride next day. If you happen to lose charge when you are on the go, the battery can be charged by pedaling the vehicle. Bolt’s website suggests that it takes 90 minutes for the battery to be fully charged. However, the at-home charger adds life back to the battery a little slowly and it can take up to 5 hours to be fully charged.

The bike has its benefits for almost everyone from worried parents to teenagers without license, from those who like to keep the environment clean to those who enjoy ultra-modern features in their bike.

With top of the notch features and a simplistic look, bikers are eyeing the Bolt M1 electric moped which has started taking orders. A bike that supports the environment and encourages technology could hardly find criticism. The Bolt M1 is unarguably an innovative bike with awesome features.

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