Design of Library Automation Systems: File Structures, Data Structures, and Tools

CILEA provides its users with the management expectations of automation systems for libraries (LMS – Library Management System) or the necessary assistance for their use. The service operates from early 80s and is aimed at individual libraries that library systems. In particular, initiatives are being promoted “consortium” involving the implementation of an automation system (pole) used by multiple agencies. The market for learning management software now offers a wide range of products (eg, Aleph, Sebina, SBN Unix client ...

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Library Management System Checklist

How does your current system compare to a modern client/server library system? If you can’t check off the following functions, you need to consider changing systems.

* Many years of dedicated experience in serving the technological needs of libraries
* Long-term track record of profitability and steady revenue growth
* A loyal, satisfied customer base, representing libraries like yours
* No “legacy” systems – customers continue to use their original system, updated annually with the latest technological advances ...

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LibBest RFID Library Management System


  1. RFID tags replace both the EM security strips and Barcode.
  2. Simplify patron self check-out / check-in.
  3. Ability to handle material without exception for video and audio tapes.
  4. Radio Frequency anti-theft detection is innovative and safe.
  5. High-speed inventory and identify items which are out of proper order.
  6. Long-term development guarantee when using Open Standard.

RFID Technology for Libraries

  1. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is ...
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