Todays Gold Price March 2012 Recovers

After the recent Gold Fix Market losses during early March 2012 the Comex Futures market has managed to edge higher today Thursday 8th March 2012. This could be due to bargain hunting by investors after the significant drop in the Gold price from recent highs last month. Also helped by outside market forces such as the Dollar strength weakening and Crude Oil being up on recent prices.

Today saw Euro currency edge higher in trading and the news that the Greek debt agreement seems to be going well have helped the risk on investment consensus. Gold ended in the London Fix PM at $1690 per Troy Ounce. To keep the Bull market alive investors will be looking for the Gold price market to break $1720 – $1730 level as we continue into March 2012.

Useful Things on Investing in Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins

Many people these days plan to invest a considerably high amount of money in gold jewelry and/or gold coins seeing how the price on gold market has increased so much in the recent years. It is true that for many years the prices have seemed to be in stagnation, but once it started to rise it seemed like it would never stop in most recent years.

For instance, only in the last year, gold price has seen a raise with at least 20% from the previous year. So, if you want to make a good investment, then choosing to invest in gold is by far the best thing that you can do.

Even it is quite an expense for you, you must not be concerned because in this way, you will have your money in an asset that will always be valuable regardless of how low the inflation rate goes. Gold has become a universal currency and when it comes in the form of gold jewelry it is even easier for you to carry all over the place. More than this, your appearance can be improved and in many cultures Gold comes as a symbol of glamour and strength. You might as well be tempted to buy gold coins for your safe investment, however this investment raises the question of having it safely deposited somewhere secure and stored safely over the years.

Buying Tips

So, when you plan to buy gold jewelry there are some things that you need to take into account before selecting the right pieces for you:

* Check with the local jewelry or Coin stores and see what prices they have per gram and per carat. You must know that the price of a gold jewelry piece is set in accordance to the carat and the weight. The carat is the unity to measure the gold purity existing in the piece and gram is the total weight of the gold piece of jewelry. With 24k gold you should know that you have gold in its 100% purity, 9ct Gold jewellery is 37.5% Gold and the lower the carat number goes, the less is the purity of gold.

* Another thing to consider when buying gold jewelry or gold coins is the available budget. Try to get as many grams of the best premium priced gold at the lowest price possible. This can be considered a great deal for Gold investment.

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