Quality Watch Brands for Everyone

Why is it that you can be walking down a street, or leaving an airport or railway station, almost anywhere in the word, and be accosted by a person who opens their coat to reveal a phalanx of counterfeit copies of Branded watches for sale? The answer, of course, is that the known brands have the reputation for making the best watches in the world.

The companies personnel guard this reputation jealously. Through a rigorous programme of research and development they keep every model as close to perfection as is humanly possible. Every watch has at its heart a quality most often Swiss made movement which is made up of hundreds of tiny components, each of which has to be perfect. Once the movement has been completed it is put through days of tests before it receives its COSC Certification from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

The unique everose gold that is a feature of many quality watches will stay pink for ever, thanks to the findings of watch researchers when they discovered just the right amount of platinum to add to the gold. The precious metal bezel which holds the watch glass and gemstone decoration in place is often made of ceramic treated to be impervious to scratches, and takes around 40 hours to create. The watch case steel used is the only type known to resist corrosion. No stone is left unturned at these top end watch factories to find the best materials for top end unparalleled watches.

The fame of big brand watches has come about not only through the expensive beauty, reliability and durability of the products, but also via the philanthropic nature of the companies that produce them. Every two years one of the top watch makers select five laureates who have made outstanding achievements in their field of endeavour and contributed something valuable to the global community. In 2008, a watch company Award ceremony was held in Dubai, where the laureate from the Hashemite University of Jordan, DrTalal Akasheh, gave his speech on how the award of US$100,000, plus a gold Top quality chronometer for world recognition, would assist his work and help build scientific and archaeological capacity in Jordan.

The founder of a top watch co. Hans Wilsdorf, was the inventor of the wristwatch, and in 1914 a watch was found by the Kew Observatory in London, England to be as precise as a marine chronometer. Very few clocks or watches have mat diet that chronometer status right up to the present day.

This company was also the first to produce a completely watertight watch, and to prove it they put fish tanks in shop windows to display the watches under water. They now have a number of guaranteed watertight watches in their collections

These high end watch models have been produced for all sorts of purposes. There are watches for men and watches for women, plain watches for every day, dazzling gemstone watches for evening wear and special occasions, even watches for extreme sports.

Top quality watches are always an excellent gift for a man or woman and styles are always changing, but quality lasts forever. Watches are Jewellery accessories for the new modern era!

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