Library Automation in Bangladesh: The Dhaka University Library Experiences


This article attempts to discuss the concept of library automation, status of library automation in Bangladesh, Dhaka University Library and their Automation Project. The paper also presents the model of Dhaka University Library Automation Project (DULAP). Further, it discusses the online access and internet browsing system and how to use GoPAC. The study also has discussed the features and objectives of DULAP, requisite hardware and software, functions and activities of the program, facilities offered to users and tasks still to be accomplished.


In the age of information explosion, libraries and information resource centers have become multimedia centers due to adoption of new technological devices and changing nature of their information storage, retrieval and services. During the last 25 years, the computer and telecommunication technologies began to build up an information society, which has crossed the geographical limitations and has provided facilities to access into global information systems. As a result, nature of modern librarianship has changed considerably with the advent of new technologies.

You can find details from libauto.pdf about Library Automation in Bangladesh: The Dhaka University Library Experiences.

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