Information Literacy Life Skills

To survive in the modern world we need to achieve a certain level of literacy and acquire information gathering skills. Part of this skill-set is to be able to decide what information is valid as opposed to information that is less reliable (or even complete fiction).

The multitude of sources supplying us all with information these days is vast! From television, radio and printed media right through to the more technologically advanced internet social communities, online news reporting and various other blogs or websites.

The key to information literacy is deciding which source of information is most reliable and having the skills to cross-check facts with various different sources. This skill will continue to improve throughout your life and your information literacy will develop as you learn.

The development of knowledge and ways to process and gather information is one of our most important information literacy skills. Analysing information and comparing various sources based on the same topic is fundamental to locating the most relevant source of information.

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