Teeth Whitening for a Hollywood Smile

With everyone wanting to emulate the “Hollywood Smile” and look model perfect dentist all now offer Teeth Whitening procedures. This cosmetic procedure is fairly simple and non-invasive but can cost substantial amounts when undertaken at your local dental surgery. Costs can obviously range from reasonable to very high and the service is offered at all of the top London practises such as http://www.londonsmile.co.uk/. But it is not necessary to go up London if you require teeth whitening services as your local dental surgery should be able to offer competitive options, like the outer London area dentists such as Walthamstow Dentist or a local Dentist in Ilford. But there is another option where you can accomplish almost as good results using a home whitening kit (but the home option will never be as perfect as the dental whitening offered by your dental practise).

Teeth-whitening results are always best when performed by your dental surgeon but it might be quite expensive, so you can use teeth whitening strips at home. Teeth whitening strips are available at affordable prices much to many patients obvious delight and satisfaction. Using teeth whitening strips can be a great replacement procedure for dental surgery whitening. In other words you would do well to try making the best use of the teeth whitening strips before going to the expensive of dental whitening procedures.

Instructions for Teeth Whitening Strips Use
Use the strips for the top of your teeth first. Just remove packaging around the strip carefully without touching the strip. This is to ensure that you don’t come in contact with the gel used in the making of the strip. Any kind of pressure exerted on the strip when putting it on your teeth would release the gel thereby causing it to fill your mouth much to your embarrassment. Therefore it is very important to handle teeth whitening strips with great care.

Get the strip closer to the surface of your teeth in a bid to get it stuck to the front of your teeth. You now need to repeat the same process in the case of your bottom teeth as well. It is important to follow the instructions mentioned on the box. Teeth whitening strips are generally worn for a period of 30 minutes to get the best results. The process may be repeated again during the day. Follow the prescription of your dentist if they have supplied your strips or the instructions supplied carefully. Care has to be show when removing the strip from the front of your teeth after use. Use your fingers effectively to pull it off. Since the teeth whitening strips are very easy to use they have become quite popular with people that are intent on getting the “Hollywood Smile” in the most affordable way without a vist to the dentist!

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