Specific Features of Pediatric Hospitals

Hospitals are not the best place anyone would want to be in. It is even worse when the patient is a child. A Children’s hospital strictly specializes in children related diseases. The vulnerability of young sick children calls for a highly specialized team of medical professionals and support staff to take care of the children round the clock. Hospitalized children go through a lot of pain which is made worse by the separation from their family and an unfamiliar environment. Even the medical personnel employed in these medical institutions are specifically trained on children diseases. Such children’s doctors are known as pediatricians.

A children’s hospital should have a team of professionals which is known as the Certified Child Life Specialist. The major and most important function of this team is to improve the child’s ability to understand the stressful healthcare and life experiences they will be going through during their stay in the children’s hospital. The methods used to ensure that this is successful should foster an environment that offers both emotional and developmental growth opportunities for the sick children.

The young patients in the children’s hospital are provided with play activities which are universal across cultures. They are also important for the personal development of the sick children. Another function of the Certified Child Life Specialists is to offer therapeutic activities to the hospitalized children. This is an effective method of facilitating the healing process of the children. Some of the very effective therapeutic activities include; helping the sick child to go through their emotional concerns. This can be done by having them re-enact the circumstances that lead to their hospitalization.

It is a known fact that children who work with Certified Child Life Specialist handle their sickness in a more positive manner. The children become more brave and most of the fear that they initially had when they first came to the hospital, fades away gradually. The sick children have less signs like sweaty palms or an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. With time all these things become a thing of the past. In fact most child life services have a proven record of improving pediatric care. The services of the Certified Child Life Specialist also shorten the hospitalization period of the sick child. They also have a noticeable decrease on the use of pain medications on the children. The children forget all the pain that they are going through. Even in cases where the pain is still there the children tend to forget it.

It is imperative that a children’s hospital offer latest treatment methods of chronic sicknesses like cancer. The diagnosis of most chronic ailments is unimaginable and unbearable to the family and friends of the sick child. It is therefore, important to break the news in a professional way least you increase the number of patients.

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