Windows 8 OS Reviews

There has always been mixed reviews for Windows 8. According to a famous Technology news website, Windows 8 lay emphasis on touch computing significance and it involves risk of alienation of users of desktops. It has even been mentioned that “a PC or a tablet with Windows 8 configured on it and you feel iPad to be outdated all of a sudden” because of the capabilities of the hybrid model on which Windows 8 operating system works and it even seems to have its main focus on services from the Cloud. Though in the reviews some people said that the Apps included Windows 8 were very basic and lack functionality, compared to Apps for the Xbox that were highly praised for their increased usability of a multi-platform experience in the field of entertainment. Other changes or improvements like Storage space, File History or even the new Task Manager got a positive response and were considered as good changes. A famous technician said – despite the changes made in the user interface of Windows 8 that can obscure them, the bettered performance of Windows 8, new file manager, fresh storage functionality, added security features, and changed Task Manager were still considered to be positive changes or significant improvements for Windows 8. He also said that Windows 8 dual functionality towards old PCs and tablets was a “highly inspiring” part of the platform, but he criticised Microsoft at the same time for imitating the model of Apple iOS, a platform that is closed distribution. While implementation of the new features of the ‘Windows Store’ interface in Windows 8 got a mixed reaction from its users. Microsoft got criticized by many developers of video games for making Window stores platform a closed one that is subject to its own regulations. A technician commenting on the new OS thinks that forcing all users into the usage of a touch-based interface was a risky step by Microsoft on the whole, but it was a mandatory move to allow development of applications for the platform of the ‘Windows Store’.

Price And New Editions :– Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System was made available in various editions – Windows 8 Pro, the 32-bit and 64-bit formats, Windows 8 Enterprise and the upgrades. Microsoft have started offering upgrading programs for those users who purchased new PCs already loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic, Ultimate or Professional within a specified time period between June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013 and under this, users were supposed to make a purchase digitally for the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at a price of $14.99 USD. Many manufacturers of PCs and notebooks planned to offer discounts and refunds for the upgrades on Windows 8 obtained through the program Microsoft offered, some of these brands were Acer (on selected models of its ultrabook in Europe), and HP Hewlett Packard (on selected models in Canada and US). All the editions of Windows 8 were sold in the market under two sub-editions for use with 64 bit and 32 bit machine processor architecture.

Features Removed :– Windows 8 has removed the old start menu and replaced it with a new start screen. The new start screen includes Tiles and Charms for Touchscreen navigation and access to Windows 8 Apps (it also has an option to use the basic desktop and taskbar that Windows users will be more familiar with when not using the new Touchscreen Apps). DVD playing support was also removed from the Windows 8 OS packaged included Media Player.

Windows 8 Start Screen Image

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