Qualities of an Effective Communicator

A parent lecturing to the child about studying for his exams, a salesman telling a customer about the virtues of his company’s product, a supervisor expounding on the effectiveness of doing a good job over time- all these situations have messages which need to be communicated. They require the qualities of good communicator to get the message across in the most effective way.

You are always trying to communicate something or the other every point of time, be at the personal or business level. What you need to do is bring some zing into your communication to motivate others. In an increasingly competitive world, one of the first things you have to do is to communicate, and communicate with some organizations which do not have that something ‘extra’ to give their customers, or even their internal staff, find that they not only lose their foothold in the market but also some of their best talent.

The actual challenge lies in communicating clearly, meaningfully and effectively. Business communication, both internal and external, is often uninspiring, to say the least. Managers often feel it is not worth spending time on internal memos and there exists an ‘anyway they are our own people, so why bother’ syndrome among them.

Communication is talking and listening and writing and reading, and also something more. It is talking and writing in a way that will get the message across to the person or persons for whom the message is intended clearly and generate the desired response.
It is said that in an organization every interaction includes a business level and a personal level. The business level gets work done; the human level satisfies the participant’s need for attention, recognition and acceptance of his or her view point.

In Modern Organization effective employee communication is seen as a means to enhance productivity and impart an understanding of organizational goals. Studies have shown that employees want to know what the problems and opportunities are, how the company is going to deal with them, and what their roles are. And they want to know this from their immediate boss. Employees are highly motivated, and make their best contributions to the business, where there is open communication at work, Also where there is adequate flow of information and ideas among employees.

Coming up with a creative solution to a problem is only half the battle won. You must be able to gain support for your solution and have it implemented.

To become more persuasive you need to adopt some of the following ways:

  1. Treat everyone you meet as if he or she is the most important person you will meet that day. Learn the art of being sincere in giving compliments.
  2. Work on your smile.
  3. Anticipate objections to your solutions and prepare appropriate responses to them.
  4. People are drawn to you if you act consistently and are repelled if you act inconsistently.
  5. Use persuasive words to reach your target audience. The faster you can persuade the other person to decide, the more likely you are to get what you want.
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