New iPhone 5 and Apple iPad in September 2012 Rumours

Analysts believe Apple will launch new iOS products earlier in 2012 than expected. Many expected that the next generation iPhone would not report official arrival until October 2012. If the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is right, Apple is about to launch both its new phone and two new tablets as early as September 2012.

The phone in question is of course the sixth generation iPhone. It is still unclear exactly what the phone will be called, but just like before the launch of the iPhone 4S is the upcoming phone called the iPhone 5 will be launched.

Mini iPad in September 2012 and rumours of iPhone 5

Rumours of a mini-version of the iPad have been around for a long time already, and the analyst claims we may need to get acquainted with a 7-inch iPad edition in September 2012. It is claimed from other sources that the hardware manufacturer Foxconn is now hiring factory workers on a large scale to increase capacity ahead of the launch.

Apple will also have made some changes to the design of its current, third generation iPad. The changes are not visible but will be able to reduce production costs and make the device generate less heat during use.

Updating all iOS gadgets 2012

Besides these devices, it is expected that Apple’s music players will be totally redesigned in September 2012. iPod Touch and iPod Nano is going to inherit technology from both the iPhone 4S and the phone from Apple. Thus, it appears that Apple is about to update its entire iOS.

Ming-Chi Kuo and KGI Securities expects Apple will see a slight decline in sales before the new product sales start for the next generation iPhone. In the fourth quarter, however, we have arrows pointing straight up when looking at sales figures for Apple, if we are to believe Kuo. He estimates that Apple will sell 55 million phones and 24 million web tablets in the last three months of this year 2012.

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