Iphone 5 Latest Technology iPhone for Summer 2011

People are pretty fond of new technology and what it brings it. Before it has come by way of mp3s, phones, laptops, and now it’s hit the iPhone series too. The new kid in town is the iPhone 5. People like using iPhones because it fits in with their lifestyle perfectly. It can hook them up to social networking and entertainment wherever they are.

This latest iPhone 5 has some great new features and charges designed to totally amaze people. While it still hasn’t been released, and has zero information that’s been made official concerning the actual release date, there has been plenty of speculation floating around. Some information speculates that the iPhone 5 wil be sold around June or July in this upcomming 2011 Summer, as is usual for Apple releases. It’s expected that the iPhone 5 will have solved the antenna problem that was found in the iPhone 4, so instead of introducing a newer improved edition of the old iPhone 4, the just opted for making their 5th installment.

Apple iPhone

iPhone 5 Technolgy based Smart Phone

If you happen to be one of those who like the video chat, either with 3G or the 4G sytems, you can make this a reality. It will work with Wi-Fi systems too. It will come with lots of other new features with its high resolution video play. If you like taking pictures, it will feature an 8 megapixel camera for you photo bugs. It might even come with its own radio-frequency ID. This is a new technology using radio waves to communicate and exchange data that is transferred between readers and digital tags that are linked to it. When it goes on sale the lines will be long, and you’ll want to get there very early to grab your iPhone 5.

If the expected price is something you worry about, put your mind at ease, it’s predicted to cost about the same as the older models.

There were reports suggesting that iPhone 5 will come with an extremely enhanced OS, known as the new ‘ios 5′, and is able to gain admittance with 4G networks. Another boast is having a processor that’s extremely fast, of .5 GHz, with a superior battery life. It will deliver 14 hours of talk time for 3G networks and around 7 hours on AG. It will almost certainly come with more carriers, adding to the already common carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

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  1. I had this phone one month ago but now its broken :( . It slipped through my hands and it will not work or turn on anymore. I am seriously upset and will need to buy a new one as on the plus side it works great. :)

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