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Information and Library science Glossary

Glossary of some terms used in Libraries and in reference to Library Information Science and the storage and organization of Information:


A publication issued on a regular basis, which contains research published as articles, papers, reports, or technical specifications.


Handwritten or unpublished documents such as letters, draft copies of books, notes or correspondance.


Term used in libraries to describe media that is not printed, such as Video or Music media.

Technical standards: Z39.50 to Web gateway

1. Overall purpose
The purpose of a Z39.50 [1] to Web [2] gateway is to combine the power of Z39.50 for search and retrieval from heterogenous systems with the ease of use provided by the Web. These gateways usually have to make compromise when interfacing Z39.50, a stateful protocol, with HTTP [3] which is stateless. The functionality and flexibility of these gateways can therefore not be compared with those of a dedicated Z39.50 client.

BiblioMondo launched on the world stage

In a predicted move, the Canadian library systems vendor Best-Seller has acquired the UK based ALSi – the long established UK vendor. More of a surprise is the change of name of the company to BiblioMondo

ITS.ForWindows v. 3.36 new era in library management

The new release, ITSforWindows 3.36, is fully compatible with updated Library of Congress Control Numbers (LCCN) in use this January and provides expanded, new print capabilities. As Annette Bakhtiar, Chief Executive Officer for TLC noted,

New features for cataloguing tools Library.Solutions V2.2.1

The latest release of TLC

Inmagic.NET a knowledge management and special library software

Inmagic, Inc., a leading developer of knowledge management and special library software, announces Inmagic.NET, a new extension of its core text-based information management product, DB/TextWorks, and soon to be an extension of its second major product, BiblioTech PRO. Inmagic.NET allows information professionals to speed acquisitions workflow by purchasing, cataloguing, indexing and disseminating information throughout an organization via a seamless, net-connected environment.

Lotus Notes for library systems

This briefing is a short summary of the main features of Lotus Notes and its applicability to library systems. Many corporations use Notes extensively and librarians asked to use it for library administration. Here are some of the basics as they may effect a library type application.
Lotus Notes is a widely used product market leader in what is termed

Java, Network Computers and Network PCs, Implications for library systems

Management of PC has been a problem for librarians since they were first deployed to library staff and users. Compared to the dumb terminal the additional functionality has been an expensive benefit – and in many cases, a totally under used one. The Pentium PC on an issue desk is probably not performing to its full capabilities!

Z39.50 as inter-linked library systems

Z39.50 is an international standard for communication between computer systems primarily, library and information related systems. Z39.50 is becoming increasingly important to the future development and deployment of inter-linked library systems. This technical briefing aims to explain the substance and significance of the standard to library and information system managers.
Basic Z39.50

The typical (simplified) search process involved in a Z39.50 session is as follows:
OPAC user selects Target library (Z-server) from an OPAC menu.


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While the idea of virtual corporation as a strategy has been given a lot of attention to date, very little work has been done to address the concept from the academic viewpoint.