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Information Literacy Life Skills

Information Literacy is a skill that your rely on throughout life. This life skill to be Information Literate needs to be practised through information gathering,comparison and analysis. It is your right to understand and know as much as possible about the world and environment around you,so become Information Literate to ensure you can gather and use the knowledge freely available to you.

Information Literacy Skills

The ability to identify useful research grade information is detailed in our Information Literacy Overview, and the benefits of good Information study skills can be recognized through our Information Literacy Report.

Laboratory Information Systems Software LIS

The decision to impliment a LABORATORY INFORMATION SYSTEM software application in your Medical Research Lab needs discussion with your organisation. The benefits of installing a LIS are that it will aid in your transmition, storage and the analysation of your data.

An Ideal Local Interlibrary Loan Management System

Local management of interlibrary loan depends upon a combination of paper- based systems, one or more of the bibliographic utilities’ interlibrary loan systems, and often purchased software packages for tracking some functions. It is common for a request to move from print to online to print to online several times before fulfillment. A comprehensive local interlibrary loan management system would allow for the electronic management of all requests, from initiation to final counting.


Students reports will never be the same. Teaching research skills in the library media center will never again be a pale imitation of real-life information searches.

Client/Server Electronic Library System

Proposal Validity Period
Submission of a proposal signifies the Vendor’s agreement that its proposal shall be binding upon the Vendor and may be accepted by the Library at any time within 90 days after the date on which proposals are opened.

Connecting and Sharing: the Emerging Role of Z39.50 in Library Networks

1. Introduction
While everyone has heard about Z39.50, there is still a lot of uncertainty about its relevance to the library community. “It

Library and Information Science Subject Portals

Other Library And Information Science Subject Portals
BUBL Information Service
Library Science Subject Portal
Library and Information Science Portal
Library and Information Science Resources
Library and information science education
1.  AIS: Association for Information Systems
2. ALISE: Association for Library and Information Science Education
3. BAILER: British Association for Information and Library Education and Research

Library Software

Barcode Softwares:
Barcode Software
GNU Barcode
Digital/Electronic Library Softwares:
Library Management Systems:
Athenaeum Light
Avanthi Circulation System
Java Book Cataloguing System
Koha Open Source Library System
Library Automation System
LibraryCom Web Based Library Service
Library Software
Library Software with Auto-Catalog
Library Manager
NexLib – LIbrary Management System
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OpenBook Open Source Library System
Research Guide
Seansoft Library Loan Management System


ALISE Awards and Honors
Bill and Melinda Gates Access to Learning Award
American Library Association Scholarships
Commonwealth Fellowships/Scholarships
Dialog Corporation’s Roger K Summit Scholarship
ERCIM Fellowship Programme
Fullbright Fellowships/Scholarships
Grants for Individuals: Library and Information Science
IFLA Core programme for the advancement of Librarianship
IFLA/FAIFE PhD Scholarship
IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship
Medical Library Association Grants and Scholarships
Special Library Association (SLA) Scholarships Program