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KITCO Gold Chart GBP

KITCO Gold Spot CHART LIVE GBP per Oz. Check Gold Market Price Daily 24 hours Live with our KITCO GOLD CHARTS.

Choosing the Right Achievable Life Goals

Selecting the Right Goals for your Life is important,as they must be achievable and What you Really Want Deep Down,Video How to Set your Life Goals.

Power of Positive Thinking to Change your Life

Use Positive Thinking to Improve you Life and Help you Achieve your Goals.Improve Health,Wealth and Happiness with a Positive Mental Attitude to Change your Life for the Better.

Android 5.0 Lollipop OS Review and Best Features

Video Review of Latest Android 5.0 LOLLIPOP upgraded Operating System providing enhanced Lock Screen features,better Notifications,Chrome Browser integrated with APPS and Material look.

Will Apple and Google bid together for Kodak Patents

It is rumoured that Apple and Google, these two companies which have been in a fight for the top-spot in recent times in the mobile phone industry, have joined forces. Yes, incredible as it may seem, the two companies will join efforts to acquire the 1,100 patents that Kodak currently holds, as Kodak is currently going through the process of bankruptcy.

Motorola 2013 RAZR I update to Jelly Bean OS

Motorola RAZR I to get OS update early 2013 to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Operating System from previous Ice Cream Sandwich.

New Samsung Galaxy S4 could have Flexible Screen

Latest development in SmartPhones,the Durable Flexible Screen possibly to be included in the New Samsung Galaxy 4 Mobile Phone.

Learn to Love Math

Learn MATH the easy way with our Guide to How to Love Math!With our tips you can learn Math by making it Fun and teaching you how to approach an equation or problem correctly and easily.

Become Motivated Like an Olympic Athlete

Olympic Athletes have massive amounts of determination and drive.To get this Motivation you just need to learn how to think like an Athlete.Get motivated and keep plugging away until you reach your goals,whether they are physical,financial or personal!

New More Powerful 100Watt USB Standard Announced

New USB style port on its way that can deliver upto 100 watts of power,beating the low 2.5-4.5 watt standard USB connectors and ports that we universally now use on most electronic appliances,peripherals and computers.