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Learn to Love Math

Learn MATH the easy way with our Guide to How to Love Math!With our tips you can learn Math by making it Fun and teaching you how to approach an equation or problem correctly and easily.

Tourists introduction to The United Kingdom

Tourist Facts and Information about United Kingdom of Great Britain. Visitors UK Information to help you enjoy your UK visit and explore the country from London to Scotland.

Cross-generational conflicts as antecedents to organizational stressors and absenteeism

Cross-generational conflict is an important antecedent to organizational stressors, especially in high stress environments.

Enhancing the Human Side of the Organization: The FACES model

Managing human capital in an environment characterized by down-sizing, right-sizing, reengineering, technological innovation,

The gatekeepers of the ‘information age’

Abdur Rokib discovers the scope for the profession of information management and tells us about the real power of the managers of the real wealth in this age – information.
“As an information scientist it is our duty to stop information explosion, we are jack of all track but master of information”, is what S.M.Mannan, a former chairman of the department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Dhaka had to say about the profession of an information scientist, as well as the roles any information science graduate plays .