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The Science of Metals including Noble Metals,PGM’s,Precious Metals and Base Metals information. Technologies using Platinum Group Metals,Silver,Gold Precious and the Science of Oxidising Base Metals groups like Copper,Iron,Nickel and Lead.

Gold Price 2015 Rise

Gold Price in 2015 is set to Rise and should enter a Bull Market phase during 2015. Interest rates and global economic factors will decide when Gold Rises in 2015.

KITCO Gold Chart GBP

KITCO Gold Spot CHART LIVE GBP per Oz. Check Gold Market Price Daily 24 hours Live with our KITCO GOLD CHARTS.

Introduction to Platinum Metal

The Noble Metal Platinum holds many useful properties for jewellers as well as medical applications,use in catalytic converters and thermocouple temperature sensitive uses.

Platinum Plating Applications

Industrial application of Platinum plating on different metals is performed in many business sectors as well as Platinum plating popularity within the Jewellery industry.

Quality Watch Brands for Everyone

High quality Watch brands are popular Jewellery accessories for modern times.The Top Brand Watches are Swiss made with excellent quality movements with Precious Metal decoration and finishing for the perfect look!

Todays Gold Price March 2012 Recovers

Todays GOLD PRICE recovers to $1690 Oz on Thursday 8th March 2012.Comex Futures Gold Prices up Today on bargain hunter Gold buying,Crude Oil increases and lower Dollar prices.

Gold Price Rise News Gold Prices

Gold Price Rise Today in News of Gold Prices as FED announces keeping Interest rates low until at least 2014.Gold breaks $1700 Oz level in sudden BULL RUN today Wednesday 25th Jan 2012 as Silver and Platinum follow upward trend also.

Live Gold Chart

View Live Gold Prices using the 24 hour Live Gold Chart quoted in US Dollars ($) per Troy Ounce of Gold. Updated constantly throughout the day with the latest Gold Market Prices to enable you to keep right on the cutting edge of the Precious Metals Commodities Market.

Gold Price Drops on Italy Debt November 2011

Gold Spot Market Price drops to $1783 Oz Wednesday 9th November 2011 on European Italy debt worries. Italian government bond yields reach over 7% causing Commodity traders to sell off Gold holdings during 09/11/2011 but European debt instability still supports Golds long term Bull Run.

Gold Purity Composition of Different Gold Carats

Composition of Gold in different Carat ratings and purities.The science of other metals such as Nickel or Silver added to 10,14 or 18 Carat Gold to form the different Gold Alloys used in Jewellery.