Information and Library science Glossary

Glossary of some terms used in Libraries and in reference to Library Information Science and the storage and organization of Information:


A publication issued on a regular basis, which contains research published as articles, papers, reports, or technical specifications.


Handwritten or unpublished documents such as letters, draft copies of books, notes or correspondance.


Term used in libraries to describe media that is not printed, such as Video or Music media.

Periodical or Serial

Publications issued regularly such as magazines, newspapers or journals (serials are intended ...

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Library Management System Checklist

How does your current system compare to a modern client/server library system? If you can’t check off the following functions, you need to consider changing systems.

* Many years of dedicated experience in serving the technological needs of libraries
* Long-term track record of profitability and steady revenue growth
* A loyal, satisfied customer base, representing libraries like yours
* No “legacy” systems – customers continue to use their original system, updated annually with the latest technological advances ...

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Tips for Wanna-be Librarians

Few years back, a reputed librarian shared her from the exhibit halls at the ACRL ( Association of College and Research Libraries) Conference in Denver. At these time these tips seem invaluable, practiced and proved. Though changed in nature over the time. She shared- a modern perspective (for that era), highly selective, completely subjective list of what’s new and what’s cool in library technology – in quite informal fashion culled from her ...

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Gap Between Technical and Public Services Librarians

Technical & Public service librarians are divided by imaginary line which indicates their professional polarization in the field of library science. The two groups are often seen as being mutually exclusive, in part due to prominent characteristics regarding personality differences.

The concept of the Technical Services librarian conjures up cliched images of the public librarian from 1950s and 1960s television: bookish, quiet, somewhat quirky and not very social or outgoing, as depicted in the Ghostbusters ...

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Technical standards: Z39.50 to Web gateway

1. Overall purpose

The purpose of a Z39.50 [1] to Web [2] gateway is to combine the power of Z39.50 for search and retrieval from heterogenous systems with the ease of use provided by the Web. These gateways usually have to make compromise when interfacing Z39.50, a stateful protocol, with HTTP [3] which is stateless. The functionality and flexibility of these gateways can therefore not be compared with those of a dedicated Z39.50 client. However, the gain in ease of use ...

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India’s Panjab University Library Taps 3M for Turnkey Conversion to RFID Circulation Management and Security

3M Library Systems has been awarded a turnkey project that will provide radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for circulation and inventory management and security at the Panjab University Library in Chandigarh, the capital of the Punjab region in northwest India.

Known officially as the A.C. Joshi Library, in memory of a distinguished university vice chancellor, the 61-year-old library contains nearly 700,000 books and audio/visual items. Panjab University, established in 1882, is one of India’s oldest and most respected schools of higher ...

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Columbia University Libraries Joins HathiTrust

The Columbia University Libraries has become the newest member of HathiTrust (, a shared repository for the digitized content from academic and research libraries. The Libraries plans to contribute public domain volumes digitized through its partnerships with Google, Microsoft and the Internet Archive.

Launched in 2008 and housed at the University of Michigan, the HathiTrust currently includes the member libraries of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation(CIC) the University of California system, and the University of Virginia.

Hathi serves a dual role. First, ...

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Library Software

Barcode Softwares:

Barcode Software

GNU Barcode

Digital/Electronic Library Softwares:







Library Management Systems:

Athenaeum Light

Avanthi Circulation System


Java Book Cataloguing System

Koha Open Source Library System

Library Automation System

LibraryCom Web Based Library Service

Library Software

Library Software with Auto-Catalog

Library Manager



NexLib – LIbrary Management System

Download Demo Version


OpenBook Open Source Library System

Research Guide

Seansoft Library Loan Management System

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Library Organization, Management and Administration

This study delineates subtle distinctions in organization, management and administration which may be equally important for organizers, managers and administrators of all types of institutions and enterprises- either academic, business, industrial or learned, and the study may be useful and applicable not only to library and information science, but also to management. public administration, finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, psychology, sociology, and the like.

Organization vs. Management
“Organizing” literally, is a process of doing work or making arrangement ...

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Journal List in the field of Library and Information Science Research

Journal List
Cataloging and Classification Quarterly
C&RL College and Research Libraries Computers in Libraries
D-lib Magazine
Electronic Library
IFLA Journal
Information Processing and Management
Information Sciences
International Information and Library Review
International Journal of Information Management
INSPEL International Journal of Special Libraries
International Journal on Digital Libraries
Journal of Digital Information
Journal of Documentation
Librarian Career Development
Library and Information Science Research
Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services
Library Hi-Tech
Library Journal
Library Management
Library Resources and Technical ...

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