Library advocacy trainings available

The American Library Association (ALA) is sponsoring three, new advocacy training programs to help libraries educate their communities about the Internet and related issues, including children’s access, intellectual freedom and the use of filters. The programs are part of ALA President Ann Symons’ intellectual freedom leadership initiatives.

The trainings are available to state and regional library groups to use at workshops and conferences. They are intended for library staff, trustees, Friends organizations, parents, school administrators, community leaders ...

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Making the Career Switch to the Library Profession

Absolutely Changing. A career switch is that most common of workday thoughts. You’re fed up. You’re not going to take it any longer. So what’s next?

If you are considering a switch into the library or information management field, then you are likely to have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Already working in information management
  • Already have a college degree
  • Have previously worked in a library
  • Working in an Education profession
  • Have ...
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Research in Library and Information Science

Library and information science research can be said to revolve around three elements: the Library, Document and Information. The role of libraries in society is complex and moves between democracy support functions and support for individual learning processes. They are among society’s most widely used public institutions to questions about their development and role affecting many. New media forms are constantly arising and issues of digitization and ways to organize documents in new online environments is currently ...

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Universities in the field of Library and Information Science

Universities in the field of Library and Information Science are cordially requested to send their links to [email protected]


Sheffield – Department of Information Studies

Information Science at Strathclyde University

University of Wales Department of Information and Library Studies

Department of Information and Communications, MMU

Ireland: Library and Information Studies, University College Dublin

UCL SLAIS home page

Loughborough University – Department of Information and Library Studies

Robert Gordon University ...

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Information and Library science Glossary

Glossary of some terms used in Libraries and in reference to Library Information Science and the storage and organization of Information:


A publication issued on a regular basis, which contains research published as articles, papers, reports, or technical specifications.


Handwritten or unpublished documents such as letters, draft copies of books, notes or correspondance.


Term used in libraries to describe media that is not printed, such as Video or Music media.

Periodical or ...

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Tips for Wanna-be Librarians

Few years back, a reputed librarian shared her from the exhibit halls at the ACRL ( Association of College and Research Libraries) Conference in Denver. At these time these tips seem invaluable, practiced and proved. Though changed in nature over the time. She shared- a modern perspective (for that era), highly selective, completely subjective list of what’s new and what’s cool in library technology – in quite informal fashion culled from her ...

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Gap Between Technical and Public Services Librarians

Technical & Public service librarians are divided by imaginary line which indicates their professional polarization in the field of library science. The two groups are often seen as being mutually exclusive, in part due to prominent characteristics regarding personality differences.

The concept of the Technical Services librarian conjures up cliched images of the public librarian from 1950s and 1960s television: bookish, quiet, somewhat quirky and not very social or outgoing, as depicted in the Ghostbusters ...

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A proposal for Bangladesh Academic and Special Library Network

In view of this background of the libraries and information services network now available in Bangladesh, an attempt has been made in the rest of the paper to propose a suitable plan of networking for resource sharing among special and academic (University) libraries in Bangladesh. It should be mentioned here that because the existing situation of National and Public libraries of the country is not very encouraging, no steps have been taken in this direction so far under ...

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