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Environmental Management Systems Development Overview

Worldwide political pressure and public concern over environmental issues, is forcing many governments to react and introduce legislation to try and improve the legacy this generation leaves behind for the next. The momentum is gathering and these issues will not evaporate with time, they are here to stay. Global warming, ozone depletion, groundwater pollution and rapid depletion of the Earth

Gaming & Libraries: Learning Lessons from the Intersections

2008 may be remembered as the year in which gaming became just like any other service in libraries, with librarians implementing gaming initiatives that look very much like those we already offer for books, movies, music, and computers for as varied an audience as other library services are offered. As gaming in libraries has become more of a mainstream service, rather than a curious exception, anecdotal evidence has appeared on mailing lists, in newspaper articles, in conference presentations, and on blog posts, and general themes have begun to emerge.

IBM Worldwide Knowledge Services

IBM is looking for a new member of the Worldwide Knowledge Services team. The Knowledge analyst will be responsible for research, retrieval, and dissemination of business, market, competitive and scientific information from primary and secondary on-line and manual sources.