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MTS 916 Smartphone Looking Good

MTS 916 Smartphone looks stylish and with Android 2.1,Bluetooth,GPS and WiFi connectivity is also functional. But camera is only 3.2 megapixels with a small 2.8inch screen, this MTS 916 works on the Android 2.1 OS and is definately value for money at the lower price range of the Smartphones.

Health Information Organizations Infastructure Conclusions

We have presented an expanded vision of how the organizational and technical infrastructure of HIOs (Health Information Organizations) could improve the efficiency and quality of public health reporting, facilitate public health investigation, improve emergency response, and enable public health to communicate information to the clinical community. We note that there are significant worries about the financial viability of some HIOs,[ 53] some notable failures,[ 54-57] and much concern about developing business models for HIO sustainability.[ 58] These issues notwithstanding, there were 193 HIO projects at various stages of development in 48 states, including 42 that were operational at the time of a 2009 survey.[ 6] In addition, new models for health information exchange are being developed to augment regional health information organization efforts, such as the Nationwide Health Information Network Direct Project (available at:

Options for GPS Fleet Management Software Solutions

GPS fleet management software is a perfect solution for many businesses to track logistics accurately to maximize operational efficiency.

Internet resources for Library and Information Studies

This guide is designed to point you in the direction of electronic resources available in your discipline. The Internet extends the reach of your Library to include a multitude of resources from all over the world, and it is hoped that this guide will provide you with a starting point from which you will be able to pursue your own interests.

Service-oriented Architecture Delivers Greater Returns from Web Services

Although smart companies are using Web services to improve the way they do business, firms have even more to gain by changing the way they think about their infrastructure. According to a new research report, Chief Information Officers (CIO) that adopt the discipline of service-oriented architecture are positioning their firms for better business agility through more advanced Web services and a tenfold improvement in integration costs.

e-Business No Longer An Either-Or Technology Decision

Many thought it was archaic and dying, but after almost three decades years of existence, one of the most widely deployed standards for conducing e-Business transactions is as strong as ever, and even continuing to grow. At the same time, newer standards are evolving and competing for ubiquity in an ever-changing technology market.

Terminal Server Powered Workstaions For Libraries


Open Source Public Workstations in Libraries

In a time where an economic downturn and concerns about climate change are influencing decisions, many libraries are looking for ways to save money and to reduce their impact on the environment. This report provides detailed information about the operating systems, software, and approaches used by three libraries and one academic institution that have implemented open source public workstations.

The Utilization of Alternative Therapy in Long Term Care Facilities: Patient, Employee, and Profit Implications

Geriatric patients entering nursing homes or assisted living facilities often give up contacts with their family members, close friends and personal possessions. Often the number of personal items they are allowed to bring to long term care facilities is limited.

Beyond Convenience and Competition : The Impact of Personalized Information Technology on the Way Communities Work

Having already transformed business beyond recognition in barely two decades, information technology is now further expanding into the general culture and transforming society at an equally rapid rate due to the growth and popularity of personal and personalized computing.