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Importance of Setting Goals in Life

Achieving your LIFE GOALS starts with you Setting those Goals and then following through to achieve your MAXIMUM Potential in Life.

Wikipedia Eliminating Encyclopedia Research Use

Information Graphic showing Wikipedia growth and the fall of Encyclopedia Brittanica popularity as they stop producing Print versions of their Encyclopedia in favour of continuing to supply knowledge via web based online Brittanica version.

Information Literacy Life Skills

Information Literacy is a skill that your rely on throughout life. This life skill to be Information Literate needs to be practised through information gathering,comparison and analysis. It is your right to understand and know as much as possible about the world and environment around you,so become Information Literate to ensure you can gather and use the knowledge freely available to you.

Information Literacy Skills

The ability to identify useful research grade information is detailed in our Information Literacy Overview, and the benefits of good Information study skills can be recognized through our Information Literacy Report.

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Information-seeking behaviour of distance learning students

There is a constant stream of studies focusing on young undergraduates’ information behaviour. Distance learners and mature students, if included in the studies are not usually identified as such. These students are often mature students who have other needs than young undergraduates living near the university. In the literature some problems and barriers faced by these students are noted, e.g.

University students’ information seeking behaviour in a changing learning environment – How are students’ information needs, seeking and use affected by new teaching methods?

Introduction and aim of the study

The theoretical basis of this study is partly in theories and conceptions of learning and partly in that research in information seeking, needs and uses which emphazies the user and takes the social context into consideration.
The need for changes and improvement in the quality of education has become apparent also in Finland in the higher education during this decade.