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Disaster Situations Public Health Information Communication

Communication of essential Public Health Information in the event of major Disasters,how HIOs informe Public Health Patients and Populations of impending health epidemics or disease outbreaks.Information infrastructure for Health Organizations to inform patients and health providers in disaster situations.

Health Information Exchange in Public Health Investigations

The need for Information Exchange in Public Health Investigations to help in the prevention of the spread of serious disease and to aid information gathering in the case of Mass Casualty Events.Public Health investigations into Quality of Care monitoring at population level also require free information exchange to allow regional Health Information bodies access to the correct information at institution level to proceed with a thorough investigation.

Education Access provides teachers and school librarians

Education Access provides teachers and school librarians with the tools they need to apply new technologies for teaching and learning and promote public and school library collaboration.
Many students are not receiving the education they deserve because of inadequate curriculum development, lack of skills on the part of teachers and under-development of the nation’s school libraries.

Development of Web-based IR Systems: A Review

Information retrieval (IR) has traditionally been the domain of librarians and information professionals. IR systems have been used almost exclusively by such search experts for several reasons, such as the number of search systems available, cost, and the complexity of use requiring command language searching. However, with the rapid growth of the Internet, together with tools like World Wide Web (also known as WWW, or simply the Web), there have been significant changes and improve­ments in online information retrieval environments.


The purpose of this study was to examine the correlation between job satisfaction as it relates to downsizing, control of the work environment, communication with management, and perceptions of rules and policies of the organization. With the advent of airline consolidation, debt loads, years of labor unrest, higher fares, and questionable services for passengers, this study showed significant positive relationships between job satisfaction and for management to be more open in their communications with the flight attendants and to develop rules and policies that are helpful in the performance of the flight attendants

Work for the library science and information retrieval in Sweden

The goal for the education of students in library science and information retrieval is that they