Disaster Situations Public Health Information Communication

Disaster Medical Response

Electronic availability of clinical data through the Department of Veterans Affairs and other systems allowed some large health care providers to have their patients’ data available very soon after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of their physical infrastructure.[ 43] HIE may further benefit the medical care of refugees and other dislocated individuals by opening up clinical data exchange query functions to providers and HIOs in other areas via a rapid credentialing process that would permit authorization and access.

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Development of bibliometric indicators of research quality

The United Kingdom, through the Higher Education Funding Council for England, has worked since 2005 to reform the evaluation of research, known as the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise). The latest study, published in a report in September 2008, sought to analyze and deploy a database containing all academic and publications submitted to evaluation committees during fiscal 2001. Commissioned by HEFCE and conducted by the Center for the Study of Science and Technology ...

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