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Advanced Apple iPhone 5 Smart Phone Technology

Advanced Features of Apple iPhone 5 include Face Recognition Technology,64MB Memory,improved 8 MegaPixel Camera and enhanced longer Battery Life with upto 14 Hours Talk Time plus featuring powerful Apple A5 dual core Processor.

e-Business No Longer An Either-Or Technology Decision

Many thought it was archaic and dying, but after almost three decades years of existence, one of the most widely deployed standards for conducing e-Business transactions is as strong as ever, and even continuing to grow. At the same time, newer standards are evolving and competing for ubiquity in an ever-changing technology market.

UNESCO’s free software for developing countries

UNESCO’s CDS/ISIS for Microcomputers is one of the most widely used information retrieval packages not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. UNESCO provides the software to the developing countries free of cost.
In the developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Argentina and Brazil CDS/ISIS have played the major role of carrying out library automation specially for the automated cataloguing system.