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How to Organize a Junior Friends of the Library Group

Decide on goals for the group. These could range from motivation to use the library, physical help in the library, decorating, help with story hours, etc. or a combination of these. Parents usually serve as adult leaders or a member of the Friends.

Staff members must not be expected to assume this responsibility. However, they should be involved with program ideas, projects ideas, publicity and scheduling.

Collaboration 2.0

Some information technology managers and administrators are blocking access to social networks like Facebook or MySpace or to social tools like blogs because of fears that their staff will spend too much time updating their profiles and commenting and not enough time working. The purpose of this report is to give library managers the tools they need to encourage collaborative work both within and outside of their organizations and to make the case that social networking tools, when used efficiently by a library, are more of a boon to productivity than a drain on it.