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Samsung Launch MV900F WiFi Camera with Instant Image Sharing

New Samsung WiFi Camera MV900F allowing instant posting of images to Social Network websites by Wireless technology in response to Panasonics WiFi LUMIX SZ5 Camera.

Canon Launch Mirrorless Camera System

Canon enter the Mirrorless Camera arena with various new offerings to compete with other Brands.Canon EOS-M and EF-M mirriorless Cameras new to the market with 18-25mm and 22mm specifications.

Photographing a Moving Object Perfectly

Capturing that perfect Action Photo of a Moving Object need not be difficult.With our How to Photograph Objects in Motion Guide to taking Digital Camera Pictures of Moving Objects.

Taking Photo of Stars in Night Sky

Getting perfect Photos of Stars at Night can be easy as long as you use the correct settings on your Camera and Frame the perfect part of a bright,clear Night Sky with Bright Stars avoiding the excessive light from a Full Moon.

Tips for Using Camera Flash

Tips to take Amazing Photos when Using the Flash on your Camera and How to Avoid Over-Exposing your Photo Subject to the Light of the Flash.

Photographing Lightening Storms

Taking Photographs of Lightening during a Storm can produce amazing images, but takes a little preperation and a lot of patience.But the stunning Lightening Strikes you can capture images of are worth the time and effort.

Web 2.0 & Libraries: Trends and Technologies

Social software, more ubiquitous than ever, continues to have a profound impact on information and communication in the Information Age.
From the American Library Association to social software news aggregation, it’s clear the trend toward utilizing “Web 2.0″ technologies for information and communication in the 21st century is growing stronger.
In “Web 2.0 & Libraries, Part 2: Trends and Technologies,” librarian and educator Dr.

Statement of Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for the Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information

Publishers today increasingly act globally to provide electronic information, and it is incumbent upon libraries to act globally to express their market positions on the pricing and other terms and conditions related to the purchase of that information. This document sets forth concerns about the current electronic information environment, the desired environment for the future, and the preferred practices for library consortia and their member libraries to achieve the desired outcomes.

OverDrive Releases Android Audiobook App

OverDrive, the leading global distributor of audiobooks and eBooks to libraries and retailers, today announced the beta release of an audiobook app that enables Android phone and device owners to wirelessly download digital audiobooks. OverDrive

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