By virtue of information technology it is now possible to get almost all necessary information needed for daily life. Similarly there is a immense chance of getting wrong, unauthenticated information . Specially in developing countries technological development in the field of information is not admiring . Most of the people usually the poor and the illiterate are not information rich . As a result they are not usually successful in their business.

Indeed information can change our life. Information is necessary for the development of a nation, group and even an individual. Information Science Today will work for the development of information, it’s proper use, proper organization and dissemination to right person. It is not a easy task at all. For the development of it’s objectives your cordial participation and contribution is required. We believe that through proper use of information overall development of a nation is possible.

Information Science Today is a voluntary organization . It has a number of plan to develop information system, and to cooperate with the libraries, information centers and the library organization around the world Definitely these task is not so easy at all. We need your utmost help in these regard. We request you to sponsor this voluntary organization to make this site a great one and to take different initiative in the development of information . Sponsor may be a international organization in the field of education or foundation help in promoting educational activities. Information Science Today will gradually take¬† different types of dynamic efforts to make our field a better one specially in the 3rd world countries. Information system¬† has promoted a lot in the developed countries, so its our responsibility to develop it in the 3rd world countries. Let’s be a part of this achievement , contribute generously and develop use of information in every field .