New Avenues for Regeneration Discovered as Scientists Influence Flatworms to Regrow Heads and Brains of a Different Species

In a breakthrough research conducted by scientists at the Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology, School…

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Give Your Google Apps a Star Wars Makeover

Close to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Google gives you the chance to choose the “Light Side” or…

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Dell Security Systems Render Two Blatant Vulnerabilities

Dell is not quite done addressing its security problems. Just when one huge security issue was being covered, a new…

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Work-in-Progress to Build the Largest Cloning Factory in China

Tianjin, the North port city of China, will witness the creation of the largest animal cloning factory. The controv…

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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Turns 100 Years Old

A century ago, space and time got a facelift when Einstein devised the theory of relativity. On November 25, 1915,…

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Jeff Bezos Makes Rocket Landing Look like Child’s Play

On Monday, November 23, 2015, the New Shephard rocket became the world’s first reusable rocket after performing a…

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Signal – Amplified Privacy for Android and iOS Users

I am not sure when did privacy leave the bedroom and reach the phones, but somewhere during this transition, develo…

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Windows 10 Gets Better With Threshold 2

Threshold 2 is the first update to Windows 10 and by the looks of it, Microsoft has made some substantial improveme…

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